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Environmental Health & Safety Programs

General Hazardous Waste
Biosafety Injury and Illness Prevention Program
Diving Safety Industrial Hygiene & Occupational Health
Emergency Planning Lab and Occupational Safety
Environmental Health Program Radiation Safety
Fire Safety
Emergency Assistance (Fire, Police, Medical, Hazmat, etc.)
Campus Policies
UCSB and University of California Policies
EH&S Guide to Services [PDF]
EH&S Contract and Grant Approvals [PDF]
EH&S Training Schedule
EH&S Training Schedule FAQ (EH&S) [PDF]
Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
Biological Safety
Medical Waste Management Plan (UCSB) [PDF]
Request for Authorization to Conduct Projects Involving Biohazards
Human Blood Cleanup Guidelines [PDF]
Diving Safety
Diving Safety Manual
Diving Safety Program Website
Emergency Planning    [Back to Top]
Department Emergency Action Plan (DEAP) [PDF]
Campus Emergency Operations Plan [PDF]
Department Emergency Status Report [PDF]
Emergency Response Information
Emergency Planning Resources
Emergency Information Flip Chart [PDF]
Environmental Health Program    [Back to Top]
Asbestos and Lead Program
Fire Safety     [Back to Top]
Building Emergency Assembly Points (EAP) [PDF]
Hazardous Waste    [Back to Top]
Community Hazardous Waste Center Flyer [PDF]
Chemical Hazardous Waste Disposal Procedures (UCSB)
Hazardous Materials/Waste Pickup Request [Online]
Shipping Hazardous Materials [PDF]
Factsheets for Specific Chemicals
Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP)    [Back to Top]
UCSB Health and Safety Binder
Department Safety Representatives (DSR)
Hazard Reporting Form [PDF]
Inspection Checklist Guide for Supervisors: Physical Labor Work [PDF]
Training Checklist Guide for Supervisors: Physical Labor Work [PDF]
OSHA's Form 300A: Summary of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses for 2011 [PDF]
Online Orientation Modules: General Safety Responsible and Resources
Safety and Health Protection on the Job Poster [PDF]
Industrial Hygiene   [Back to Top]
OSHA Hazard Communication Standards
Respiratory Protection Manual [PDF]
Lab and Occupational Safety   [Back to Top]
Chemical Fume Hood Guide
Chemical Spill Cleanup Procedures
Contractor and PF Personnel Working in UCSB Labs [PDF]
Fume Hood Usage Guide: Standard Hoods
Fume Hood Usage Guide: Variable Air Volume ("Phoenix" system)
Installation of New Hoods and Maintenance [PDF]
Laboratory Relocation Guide [PDF]
Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
MSDS Access
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Laboratory Safety Fact Sheets
Radiation Safety   [Back to Top]
Laser Inventory Form [PDF]
Laser Safety Manual [PDF]
Laser User Responsibilities
Radiation: Permit Holder's Statement of Training and Experience Using Ionizing Radiation [DOC]
Radiation Badge Addition Form [PDF]
Radiation Badge Deletion Form [PDF]
Radiation Lost Badge Form [PDF]
Radiation: Application for Authorization to Use Radiation Producing Machines [PDF]
Radiation: Renewal of Ionizing Radiation Authorization for Academics Instruction [PDF]
Radiation: Training and Experience Record for Radiation Producing Machine Use [PDF]
Radioactive Waste Pick-up Request [Online]

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